Samsung Galaxy S5 issues

Hi, i had ann SG5. Yes i know it’s an old device, but ir runs IF very well in low graphics. Now, it dosnt anymore. After the last Update, the app chrash In a shorts haul flights (1 hour) i set the graphics on the lowest settings (Lodricuos) and the texture quality on low. But its dosnt works. Before the Update, when i set everything i low sets,the scenary AND the aircraft looks very bad (i really dont care about graphics) however, now, even when the sets are in the lowest, everything looks a Lot better, maybe as the Middle sets of the previous versión. I think this are my problem. Theres anyway to reduce the graphics More?
I would appreciate tour answers.

Ludicrous is the highest graphics, try “Fast” which is the lower graphics

Oh, I’m a idiot.i Will try.

Thanks, i would try


Hi, i set the rendering to fast, but the scenary Stills look too fine, not like the older version that looks a Lot worse. Actually i want that kind of rendering, because my device use to run very well on lowest sets. I Just change low to middle rendering for landing.
Let me know if the developers make the lowest sets looks better than before, and if i had to change my device. :(

Yes, the lower setting does look better than before. The S5 is a little bit older and will naturally have a harder time adjusting to this

I know that this is about a Note 5, but it explains this

Ok, thank you. Actually runs fine but in solo mode. Probably because there’s no weather and other aircraft near by.
For me, solo mode it’s fine. Anyways, the airports that i usted to take off and landing, are totally unotice by the community. At the day, i dont understand why, the only airports whit a bunch of people flying near by, are KLAX, EGLL, and others place that where pupular before global was realese. So, at the moment, i dont care if i fly on solo modo. I mean, on the 98% of my flights, its rarely to see other players, or find ATC on the airports.

Thanks for the answer. I will get another device in the future. Somenhing like the iPad 2019, or an Huawei last media pad.

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