Samsung Galaxy S4

Dear Community,

I am new in this Community. I have bought this game last week and downloaded into my Samsung Galaxy S4. I could not see all the functions as I have seen in many tutorial videos. Would it work in Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone or do I need better one? :)
One more question: would it be possible to get somewhere guides for the first time beginners? Because, the Tutorials funktions did not work in my phone too.-.-…
I would be very thankful for your answer.


Welcome to the community.

Many of your questions are addressed in this post and in the #tutorials section.

Can you be more specific on the functionality that you were looking to see? There are some features, such as access to global which require the Infinite Flight Pro subscription to see.

Can you provide a screenshot of your HUD?

A lot of features have changed, both added and removed since the creation of those videos. I’m sure there will be new/updated tutorials in the near future covering the various aspects of the current global update.

You might be able to get away with low graphics settings and anti aliasing off on an S4(Based on it’s specs it appears to be ok for low graphics). (I don’t have the S4 though, and I’m not fully sure, so try playing the game and see if it is not lagging.) Also, for the tutorials, you can just go to infinite flight’s youtube page, click on playlists, and click on flight training.

Just to be sure, did you see this one?

Hi, i can tell you that i had the Samsung Galaxy S4 a time ago, and it was stuck in areas where there were several aircrafts, specially in aproaches at airports. You should go for a better one.

The odds that you’re Phone is too outdated for Infinite Flight are pretty high, as it runs on IOS way smoother as well. Sorry bud.