Samsung Galaxy S2 & Global.

So I was waiting for three days now and I still don’t have the new features of global. I have not found anything for when Samsung Galaxy S2 (tablet) will be able to update for global. Or is it google play still waiting update? I got the game off google play. I would greatly appreciate any answers, thank you for your time! Otherwise, it has not been “100%” done.

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Check out the post below, it should help you. :)


Mines a S2 though will it still help?

My bad, missed that part…
There have been a few other people which are on Android and didn’t received the update, even though their devices are supported by global.

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Oh I added the S2 part so no one will be confused, my fault lol. Thanks for your help though!

Anyone else might have an idea?

The problem with android is has board set of devices. I was able to get the update on my Noka 5 , which is fairly brand new, so my guess is that they pushing the updates on the latest devices

The S2 is a 6-year-old device that is compatible with a relatively old Android 4.1.2 “Gingerbread” the minimum device requirements are Android 5.0 and OpenGLES 3.0 compatibility, I’m afraid your device is incomparable. Can you confirm by reading this thread? Minimum device requirements

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