Samsung galaxy s10


I don’t know if there already is a topic on this but I didn’t find any! Does infinite flight work on the new Samsung galaxy s10e, s10 or s10+ or will it be adresses on the next update?


Keep an eye out on the thread above, as they’re always updating it with new devices.

Currently there has been no testing for the S10, as it recently just came out.

The game would still work fine on it, and super fast, as it has the new Snapdragon 855 processor chip.

The game right now for the S10 should still work. You would just have black bars on both sides of the screen.


Thank you !!!

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Good evening.
IF works fine on my S8 and relatives S9+ So it should work fine as the framework is pretty much the same.


Just on the bottom top and bottom of the infinity display will be blank but there is an onscreen button to expand it

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Click the game button then click full screen. Screen lock is also useful for long hauls. Dims the screen and blocks touches.
Hope this was useful

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As of right now, the game should run absolutely fine…
It’s the most powerful phone on sale, and may be for some time 🤷

However the unusual screen aspect ratio, and also the hole punch camera will provide some issues so you may find that some parts are either cut off or scaled incorrectly, until the development team can get a couple of devices to test 🙃


I just got my S10+ and it works like butter. I can confirm the black screen on the side with the “pill”, and the text is a bit hidden on the top right of the screen. Other than that, it’s pretty awesome.


You’re one lucky person.

I recommend telling these people about your device so they can add it to their list:

I’m trying not to get off topic, but dang, your phone with the new 855 processor, must be butterrrry smooth. I am stuck with the 835 processor. Still very fast, just not as new as the 855.


When in full screen mode, do all the buttons work on the edges?


Check out for new wallpaper on twitter for S10. Ppl making full use of the punch hole camera :)


I’ll be getting my hands on a S10+ very soon, I’ll test everything out and let you guys know. But I’m pretty sure the devs got their hands on the devices and the bug fixes should be done for v19.1!


Yes. It works fine on my S8


@samueltherohtlaan he was referring to the S10/S10+ not the S8…

The S10e/S10/S10+ all have hole punch cameras which means (as of right now of my comment) it is not supported by infinite flight at full screen.

I have the S10+ @Hamza.N and unfortunately right now when in full screen mode the hole punch does block the throttle and the N1% indicator, but other than that the full screen mode works the same as the s9+ and other large screen devices - it looks great!;)


I use the honor view 20 which also has a punch hole display but it doesnt get in the way of anything. I just wanted to know how it was for you.


If I’m correct, I read that the S10+ runs 30% faster than the S9+ so that’s a huge plus if anybody is looking at buying the S10+ as an upgrade and they use infinite flight a lot, I definitely recommend it!

Mind you in a few months the Note 10 will have more information out and available (what I heard so far sounds really good) so I might have to buy that phone for myself too!


Correction it’s one of the most powerful @Kirito_77

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It’s actually number 3 with the One plus 6T in 2nd which is the phone im getting in may :)


In terms of power though it is first.
Antutu benchmarks:

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Could you cite your sources when posting stuff like that?

Because the term “best” is relative depending on what data you’re looking at, also is the list compiled after certain studies and tests have been compiled?

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