Samsung galaxy j3(16)

So this phone has been mentioned before but there wasn’t a clear answer. This phone has not recieved the global update…and i was wondering why. Apparently it was because of performance issues? It could run the old IF on medium graphics all round (apart from water). My other phone ran it fine on high graphics. (It has recently broken) Is there a reason for the update not coming to the j3? If it is not possible then does half a months worth of online pay go to waste?

Thanks, Ceysun.

Can you please go to Settings --> About and give me the exact model number?
I think that your phone does not support OpenGL ES 3.0, which is the/a requirement for Global.

Your phone lacks necessary graphic features such as OpenGL ES 3.0. That’s basically it. It’s equipped with an older GPU.

Unfortunately, there’s no way of changing the subscription model cases like this.

Thank you for understanding!

Thanks, does the money go then?

Hello again!
There can be no refunds due to circumstances such as these.

Thank you.