Samsung Galaxy Fold

Hello everyone I’ve been thinking since recently Samsung announced its Galaxy fold, a phone that has the ability to transform into a tablet by folding it open hence it has multiple screens, so I couldn’t help but wonder how the Infinite Flight App will adapt to this new feature the phone has and if it can optimize itself to said phone.
For instance: What if mid flight you decide to go from Phone mode to Tablet Mode and just fold it open. Will the game crash or freeze? Or something along those lines
Its just a thought ya know. What do you guys think of this?


I’d say the first step in this process is for the devs to get their hands on the device.


This is the phones software that does this so I don’t think it will be a huge challenge if I’m honest but then again I’m not a developer. Only time will tell I guess. The device is awfully thin though so who knows if it would even be feasible to have it run on the fold mode

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looks at $2000 price tag
That’s a loooooottttttttttttttttt of subs. Oh well, guess I have an excuse to buy a year of pro now! the end justifies the means y’all

Yeah and unfolded it’s still less than 7". I’m going to hold out for the “trifold” that transforms to a 10" tablet :)

The Huawei one looks good but I don’t see the point in having a two in one device. Buy an iPad and an iPhone and job done. Plus it will be cheaper aswell.


I think it would just be like using a tablet, nothing different

It’s a little bit trickier than that though. I’m not going to get all techy here but there’s a difference in formatting and yadda yadda when you switch from a 6-7” screen size to a 9-11” screen size. We’ll just have to wait and see what transpires.

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Samsung has mentioned in the keynote that it supports what they market as “App Continuity”.
Basically what it does is that it allows a seamless transition from the front cover screen to the tablet mode (and vice-versa). FDS may have to implement it but it seems likely that Samsung has programmed it in the OS. FDS devs will probably only have to support the different screen resolutions.

Speaking of the Galaxy Fold: as a long-time, avid Samsung fan myself, I actually like Huawei’s foldable concept implemented on their Mate X better. You should check it out, it’s a gorgeous device where the concept really blends seamlessly with the device’s usability.

Samsung… nuff said


Agreed, they already started things off badly with an odd shaped phone when folded up so it would present some layout issues I’m sure.

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