Samsung Galaxy A52 5G performance in infinite flight

Hello community, I wanted to know if the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is good for running INFINITE FLIGHT in medium or high settings. tell me there please

Another question: I would also like to know how the battery behaves when playing (if it lasts well, if not), since it has 4,500

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Hey there!

Well the A52 5G is not on this list here it is anyway. You may actually find it in the sea of comments. But I think it will run fine on high settings at 30fps. Putting at 60fps is going to push it and make it overheat which may cause battery degradation. Also the battery performance should be fine but don’t expect to get a 5 hour flight out of it. I would recommend when you fly to keep it on charge with the screen brightness down and low power mode on.

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hi, I am using this phone for infinite flight. it runs well in medium graphic setting but in busy airports you may suffer from lagging. I myself always using low graphic setting to avoid that and it is just fine at 30fps. the battery performance is really good. it can hold up to 7 hours of flying with full charge and it charges really fast.
I have an Ipad but if you want better experience in IF using your phone only, there are other options near or lower price than this phone that has better processors like snapdragon series 8 but you may lose super Amoled or camera quality on those.

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Yes, I understood. Thanks for the information, it is because I am in doubt of buying the Galaxy A52, A72 or Poco X3 Pro. As I am Brazil, the cell phones here are very expensive. Example: Galaxy A52 5G is in the 2,100 reais range. So I wanted to see a good and cheap cell phone, which does not exceed 2000 reais

Thanks Bro.

Thanks bro.

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