Samsung galaxy a23

why is my samsung galaxy a23 laging alot and yet i have a 2.4ghz processor and a snapdragon 680? previously i used to fly using a phone with snapdragon 462 and processor 1.8ghz, and this flew smoothly with anti-aliasing on, anyone has an idea on what to do

Samsung devices are not that good anymore, i think its just the device


The Galaxy A series aren’t very good performance-wise…they may have good chips but the device utilisation of that power is very poor.

I totally agree with you… can you reccommend a low budget phone that is good for gaming expecially in IF

Iphone SE 2nd gen is pretty cheap especially used and works like a beast


It is possible that the processor could not be optimal with this game, since the Snapdragon 680 is quite new. I’m using a Samsung A51 using an Exynos 9611 (Which is lower than snapdragon), it says a lot of problems, but so far I’ve been using it for almost 2 years and haven’t had any problems with IF of course. Probably turning off the anti-aliasing could be helping a lot

and how do i report this to devs atleast they do something

Given its device chip-related (i.e hardware), the devs won’t be able to do much, if anything, about it.

Just inform me how to report please

We’ve seen it already and can’t do much than concur what’s been said already.

There’s a limitation to what we can do on devices on the lower end unfortunately. They’re simply not powerful enough in some cases.

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