Samsung dex

Hi everybody.

I’ve a few questions about the Samsung dex.
I’ve seen 1 post on this topic about a year ago and I was wondering if there is any more information on this.

Is there anyone in this community that uses the Samsung dex and a yoke ect to play infinite flight?

If so could you post a few pictures up and show me exactly how to set it up and which yoke do you use.
I currently use a Samsung galaxy s8+ to play infinite flight on and I’m looking to make the experience more realistic.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.


Gary Trainor

Do you own the Dex station? As you will need that because of the ports.

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This topic should help you! It has pictures of everything you need to know.


Yes I have a dex pad. Just need to get a yoke. Was just wondering is it really worth it before I part with my money.

Thanks for the replys.

Well it depends what type of flying you do. If you like GA flying then a yoke a great. For Airliners it’s also good, but if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a yoke, I would save the money.

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Thanks. I’ll do a little more research and look at the post you put up and take it from there.

Happy flying 😎

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