Samsung A21s problem

Hi there!
Recently bought a Samsung A21s exclusively for Infinite Flight. However, is running IF kind of slow, especially on the live cockpit airplanes.
Any tips?
Thank you!

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Hi Gabi, I would recommend doing what works for me. Turn the graphics down, clear your cache, restart the app, restart your device or offload uneeded data. Correct my if I’m wrong.

Are you using a joystick by chance? If you are, joysticks, varying on if you have plugged it into your phone directly tend to have a split-second delay. It is not that obvious, but it is noticeable. That could be a big reason why as well.

If I recall, and I am happy to be corrected but the A21 isn’t not a high end device. Subsequently as we roll through the newer versions of IF those devices either become or fall behind the minimum recommended.

The only advice is to begin turning everything down and ensure the device is clear of any unused data and apps.

There was once a work around which might help you too which was to restart the device between flights.

The A21 is a budget phone, and may not run IF with high graphics. You could try turning graphics down for better performance

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Yes, it is a budget phone. It only costs around $200 USD. The best thing to do is to turn everything down all the way (minus sensitivity of course).

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Completely correct. It’s about one of the lowest end devices Samsung makes, hence why it’s so ridiculously cheap.

@Gaby_Burnei I’m not entirely sure if this would be an option for you, but if you’ve bought the device solely for infinite flight, I would maybe recommend returning it and looking at a second hand device from a few years ago. The XZ2 and Pixel 2 both spring to mind as devices you can probably get second hand for a very similar price to the A21s, and they’ll be much more powerful. Having owned both myself I can vouch for their performance, it’s just a case of what you may be able to purchase in your region.

@Mattheus I’m offering a solution. Nothing wrong with trying to help.


Alright, am I the only one who thinks we are all now just saying the same thing?

Not what I meant but ok.

Thank you all! Sadly this is the highest I could afford. I do have an iPhone XS MAX, but I decided to buy a device exclusively for IF in order to not kill the MAX, because it have already been killed by IF :)

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