Sam's challenge to fly to every easyJet destination!

Inspired by @MJP_27’s challenge to control everywhere and @Unionpacific4006’s challenge to fly every KLM route, my challenge for the next few months will be to fly to every easyJet destination. I’ve also set myself some rules to ensure this doesn’t take years :P
Rule 1 - I must fly easyJet at least 2 times a week.
Rule 2 - I can’t skip any destinations unless I’ve flown to them
Rule 3 - Empty flights will not count
Rule 4 - I must do the return flight for it to count
As easyJet have many bases, I will only do the routes out of Gatwick as that is my EZYVA base :) The challenge starts next Saturday!



Keflavik - Flown to
Inverness - Flown to
Aberdeen - Flown to
Glasgow - Flown to
Edinburgh - Flown to
Belfast - Flown to
Isle of Man - Flown to
Rovaniemi - Not flown to
Tallinn - Not flown to
Jersey - Flown to
Newquay - Flown to
Amsterdam - Flown to
Paris CDG - Flown to
Dusseldorf - Flown to
Hamburg - Flown to
Berlin - Not flown to
Copenhagen - Not flown to
Prague - Flown to
Vienna - Not flown to
Budapest - Not flown to
Krakow - Flown to
Sofia - Not flown to
Burgas - Not flown to
Thessaloniki - Flown to
Volos - Not flown to
Athens - Flown to
Chania - Flown to
Heraklion - Flown to
Santorini - Flown to
Mykonos - Flown to
Kos - Flown to
Rhodes - Flown to
Paphos - Flown to
Larnaca - Flown to
Kalamata - Not flown to
Zante - Flown to
Kefalonia - Flown to
Corfu - Flown to
Tirana - Flown to
Tivat - Flown to
Dubrovnik - Flown to
Split - Flown to
Zadar - Not flown to
Pula - Not flown to
Ljubljana - Not flown to
Salzburg - Flown to
Innsbruck - Flown to
Venice - Flown to
Verona - Flown to
Milan LIN - Not flown to
Milan MXP - Flown to
Turin - Flown to
Bologna - Flown to
Pisa - Flown to
Rome FCO - Flown to
Naples - Flown to
Bari - Not flown to
Brindisi - Not flown to
Catania - Flown to
Palermo - Flown to
Malta - Flown to
Cagliari - Flown to
Olbia - Not flown to
Figari - Not flown to
Nice - Flown to
Toulon - Not flown to
Marseille - Not flown to
Montpellier - Not flown to
Toulouse - Flown to
Biarritz - Not flown to
Bilbao - Not flown to
Santiago SCQ - Not flown to
Madrid - Not flown to
Oporto - Flown to
Lisbon - Flown to
Faro - Flown to
Seville - Not flown to
Gibraltar - Flown to
Malaga - Flown to
Almeria - Flown to
Murcia - Flown to
Alicante - Flown to
Valencia - Not flown to
Barcelona - Flown to
Ibiza - Flown to
Palma - Flown to
Menorca - Flown to
Bordeaux - Flown to
La Rochelle - Not flown to
Nates - Not flown to
Lyon - Not flown to
Grenoble - Not flown to
Geneva - Flown to
Zurich - Flown to
Basel - Flown to
Friedrichshafen - Not flown to
Munich - Flown to
Stuttgart - Flown to
Tenerife TFS - Flown to
Funchal - Flown to
Gran Canaria - Not flown to
Fuerteventura - Flown to
Lanzarote - Flown to


Agadir - Not flown to
Marrakech - Flown to
Enfidha - Not flown to
Hurghada - Not flown to
Sharm el Sheik - Flown to


Aqaba - Not flown to
Tel Aviv - Not flown to
Antalya - Not flown to
Dalaman - Not flown to
Bodrum - Not flown to
Izmir - Not flown to


Fantastic I’ll be watching your progress when I’m not flying my KLM routes! Good luck

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Thanks ahah!

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Easily the best destination on your list xD

lmao… I will be flying there soon ;)

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Good luck Sam! Im sure it will be lots of fun!


Thank you!!!


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