Samoa to Chicago on a B737!

Last night, I decided to test the range of the B737 BBJ, and it was so fun. I managed to fly all the way from Samoa to Chicago and holy it was an adventure. You guys should really try taking the B737 on long routes as it does them very well.


Plane- B737 BBJ (Black and Purple)
Flight time- 11:37
Server- Expert

On the ground at Samoa

Departure out of Samoa with 15 degree flaps due to excess fuel that is on board the aircraft lol

Won’t be seeing this island any time soon

Cruising over the Pacific Ocean at FL350

Finally we see land after about 9 hours in the air!

Sunrise over the state of Missouri

Cruising at FL390 now over the Midwestern US

Descending into Chicago

On final approach for runway 4R at MDW

Certainly one of my most epic flights I have ever done. Hopefully I will fly this fantastic aircraft on another long route sometime soon!


this seriously looks too real man!

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Wow. This is quite something. I haven’t really done long hauls with the 737. Maybe I should.


What’s even funnier is taking an airliner -700 and flying it on the longest route that airline offers. Try flying a United -700 from Houston to Sydney.


Oh god no 💀

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Wow thanks lol

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