Samoa Airways Boeing 737-800

The Samoan Government and Virgin Australia ran a joint-venture airline known as Virgin Samoa. The Samoan Government recently pulled the plug on Virgin Samoa, and banned Virgin Australia from flying direct from Australia to Samoa. The Samoan Government is now rebuilding the government owned Polynesian Airlines (which does not own any aircraft currently) by resuming long distance flights and rebranding to Samoa Airways. Samoa Airways acquired a 737 from Neos, an Italian leisure airline, now having a total of 1 aircraft in their fleet. This 737 was delivered to Samoa Airways around November 6, and is now flying between Apia and Sydney/Auckland operated by Neos (with their callsign) in place of Virgin Samoa. The new livery can be seen below:

The Virgin Samoa aircraft is now operating in Virgin Australia’s domestic network, still wearing its old livery. This would be an interesting aircraft to have, opening up more routes in the pacific. Please leave a vote if you would like to see this in IF!

Here is where I-NEOS (15.8 yrs old) is currently:

Beautiful Request! :)

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saw this on flight radar and wondered how i did not notice it before as i saw the plane was 13 years old. That makes sense.

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Yeah same, I was so confused when I saw a Neos aircraft operating between Auckland and Apia.