@Sammy_Droubi's ATC tracking thread [Closed]

I mean, you could tell me to do a 360 for spacing, or him as well…

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yeah i eventually did that and flacon in his f16 blew past water at 400 kts ;)

And sorry for implying you maybe a troll @anon67310022. Did not mean to imply that. Didnt know who was who. And yea @SAMMY_DROUBI he also brings up a good point of saying make a left/right 360 for spacing. There are alot of tools at your disposal.

yeah, i changed my nam to my IfC username for tracking threads. had a person that requested remaining in pattern, then he left the airspace :|

Believe it or not, that happens on Expert server too. Aircraft will ask to remain patterns but they have FPL filed to other airports. I usually clear them for the pattern as I would if they were gonna stay in the pattern, but then after take off if they are staying on their FPL i tell them to change frequency and say good bye.

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I think ill shut it down for the night… 1 hour controlling will sharpen my skills hopefully. Thank you all for coming and see you in the expert skies in 40 ish days i hope!

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Sorry about me crashing (TFC-018) My aunt snatched the phone from me :P

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My review:

Almost perfect. My only gripe is the fiasco with Falcon. You told me to follow the traffic on left downwind, traffic which was behind me. I would recommend that I do a 360 and then tell me to follow him, that would have put me behind him. Other than that, perfect. You are a wonderful controller, certainly better than I am.

thank you, practice, practice, practice, makes perfect. also i watched all IFATC videos on youtube at least 2x. plus ive been doing this since live was released but i just found out about the IFC

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@anon67310022 the fact that you have a good suggestion about how to fix the fiasco, shows that you know how to control. You just need practice and I think you have some “nerves” when you are controlling. Trust me. Not all the IFACT controllers were perfect when we started off. You will get better as time goes on. Im working on being a radar controller, and let me tell you, as decent of a tower controller I am, i have made many stupid mistakes w/ radar during my practice sessions. You will get better and you will join us. As @SAMMY_DROUBI says. Practice. Practice. Practice. Feel free to reach out for help!

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by the way, @nk1021 is open as approach, so stop by and fly some patters!

Not on approach anymore, but very good controlling

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Now open at KPSP, feel free to fly some patterns

Now open at David wayne hooks, come fly some patterns!

I’ll be there. Time to get my landings up

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I am not IFATC yet, so I won’t be able to judge you on your skills. I’ll leave it to one of the IFATC members to do so.

Just for patterns XD

Any and all insight is appreciated!
i would like all feedback

I’ll try to give as much feedback based on what I know about being ATC, but an IFATC member would have to confirm my ideas.

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Nice work! Barely any flaws at all.

  • Clear me for a traffic (right/left) and then clear me only for the option, no make right traffic.

EDIT: Updated the feedback after a talk with an IFATC member, @Brent_A

open at EGLC come fly some patterns :)