@Sammy_Droubi's ATC tracking thread [Closed]

Practicing for IFATC and will take my tests wednesday :D
all feedback is appreciated
NOTAM: pattern allowed


Ill be there!

The 20 character minimum requires me to do this.

I’ll come too, can’t wait to see you control

I was about to say, why did you clear me to pushback again. Didnt realize i asked to pushback again. My bad. Sorry about that.

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Few things I noticed:

  1. Really good job sequencing.

  2. Great controlling.

Overall. Great job! Best controlling ive seen among people ive checked out today on IFC!

thank you, i want to do my IFATC tests now, but I sadly cant as I was ghosted for driving into an aircraft in the hold short line…XD guess ill perfect my skill and in 40 days i can knock the Trainers sock off!

Hold on! I’m coming!

Why do you have to wait 40 days? And I look forward to seeing you soon in IFATC!

6mins, 1000 XP first off thanks for that

Some feedback for you

  1. After you sent me to 31L, I have no pattern instruction, but I think you know what a pattern instruction is after you sending Alaska to 31R
  2. Don’t think an A320 could fit at 31R(Runway width)
  3. After you clear me for the option when I was staying at that runway, you don’t have to give me a direction
  4. I guess the questions you asked did help you, and good luck for your test ahead.

i had the brake off and engine on 5 % at EDDF on epxert, as i was double chekcing my flight stats: fuel fpl etc my plane coasted into the 747 in front of me and i got ghosted
I dont blame tower as running into a plane is up there with the no no’s of flying that get an instant ghost

HAHA yea a A320 cant fit on 31R. I was mostly testing his ability to react to the request. Also just for overall clarity to anyone else who might see this comment can you clarify your 3rd comment?

Do ghosts take 40 days to go away?

well… once ghosted, you drop to grade 2 for 7 days then the requirements for IFATC is that you have to be ghost free for 60 days ive been through 20 days.

My bad(suck at explaining)

When I switched from 31R to 31L, you first give me a pattern entry(sequencing if it applies) then option with traffic direction, next time around I’m doing patterns on 31L, you told me the direction last clearence so there’s no need to send a traffic direction again.

Hope this is easier to understand :)

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Gotcha. Well if you keep up the good work and make the change @Matthew_Chan noted (thanks for clarifying that up for others as well) I look forward to seeing you as a controller. Hopefully I can be your approach controller once you join!

i look forward to it!

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falcon, how can i tell you to overtake waterski? (you get ahead of him)

That is where sequencing comes into play. Now if waterski is just being a typical TS troll, just tell falcon just sequence or clear falcon ahead of waterski, but on expert server depending on the situation, if say waterski wasn’t looking like he would be landing succesfully, you can always ask him to go around and then clear the aircraft behind him say falcon for example #1 clear to land

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no hes not a troll, he is @anon67310022
hard to relay the message to overtake

Well if you want to overtake, change the sequence, then tell falcon to maintain best forward speed, and then tell waterski to maintain slowest speed