Sami ATC Tracking Thread ( closed LFLL)

hello everyone i will open atc lfpg at 23:00 French time.

l atc I’m going to open will be ground and tower

I would like someone to open approach and departure.

If you want to go to lfpg I am here to give you instructions.

the goal being to test my controler skills.

thank you all for your understanding.

Hello Sam!
If you make an ATC Tracking Thread, please use the right format:

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Yes sorry and in what topic

You can make changes to the topic to fit the format

You used the right category, but use it as following:
[Closed] Sam’s ATC Tracking Thread – CLOSED
[OPEN] Sam’s ATC Tracking Thread @ ICAO - TS – OPEN

And everytime you open a new airport you can comment on your own thread: open in … minutes at ICAO

Edited the title for you, Sami. :)

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Sami ATC Tracking Thread – CLOSED open at 23h00 french time

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Trio has just changed the title for you, and you’ve now changed the title already, leave use the right format :)

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sorry I did not see

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This is good or no

When you want to open put (Open ICAO) at the end of the title. ICAO is the airport identifer. For example London Heathrow is EGGL.

Sami’s ATC Tracking Thread (Open EDDL)

Then post a reply on your thread saying for example:

EDDL open for 1 hour

Then when you close just edit the title and reply on your thread stating that you’re closed.

Sami’s ATC Tracking Thread (Closed)

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so the controller and pilot3 are aware that I open lfpg at 23h00

I think opening soon might work, but I trust @Trio more then myself

Yes, you do all of that to make the pilots aware you’re open. You can open wherever you want at whatever time you’d like to open but you should stay away from high traffic areas like KLAX, EGGL, KSFO, KJFK, ect. and should open airports with 2 parallel runways, like EDDL. :)

Lfpg have 2 runway takeof and 2 runway land

This is paris charles de Gaulle

In Infinite Flight on expert we use all available runways for takeoffs and landings due to the high traffic volume so you should do the same while training. :)

i have the document of approach to visual lfpg

All the document for lfpg :

recalls in 30 min i open atc lfpg