Sami ATC Tracking Thread ( closed DTTA)

hello everyone i will open atc DTTA at 23:00 zulu time.

l atc I’m going to open will be ground and tower

If you want to go to DTTA I am here to give you instructions.

the goal being to test my controler skills.

thank you all for your understanding.

I am on DTTA, no one yet.

Sorry at 22h00 zulu I connected I atc

Open at dtta for 1 hours

Why no patterns? If you want to get the best out of controlling, I recommend you allow pattern work. Not only does it make controlling a fun challenge, but you will be a better controller.

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Why are you denying pattern work? You won’t get into IFATC if you continue to deny pattern work. There is literally nobody else in your airspace, so it shouldn’t be too hard. I’m here if you have any questions.

-RTG113 IFATC Trainer

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What is it?

Patternwork is when aircraft take off, and do touch-and-goes on the runway. Touch and goes is when the aircraft lands, continues down the runway, and takes off again.

Here’s an example of a pattern:

I’m sorry I thought that unable is check

Replied to the wrong person, sorry

Lorsqu’un avion demande au décollage de rester dans le gabarit, libérez-le pour le décollage avec la direction du gabarit que vous souhaitez qu’il vole (à gauche ou à droite). Lorsqu’ils volent parallèlement à la piste mais dans la direction opposée (appelée sous le vent), vous pouvez les effacer “pour l’option” sur cette piste.

When an aircraft requests takeoff remaining in the pattern, clear them for takeoff with the direction of pattern you want them to fly (left or right). When they are flying parallel to the runway but in the opposite direction (called downwind), you can clear them “for the option” on that runway.

Who is n747bb

• You need to clear when on downwind. I said I was on right base and final for runway 01, touch and go, and you gave me the clearance on a 1 mile final
• Exit runway instructions need to be given. You should do it at 60-70 knots

N747BB is @Kyle_Green

I am N747BB

Ok clear for the option is clear to land or non

Clear me for the option when I am remaining in the pattern. Clear me to land when I say “N747BB is on blank for runway blank, FULL STOP” if you haven’t already cleared me for the option

It can mean both.

No need to use the caps and bold, he’s just learning like all of us once did!