Same situation with Live and Cellular Service [Live Server Icon Is Red]

Well I really appreciate everyone’s help On this same problem I called to the company Of The Internet I’m using that is from My phone My Data is Unlimited I pay 60$ a month On unlimited data I told them about the problem of infinite flight That The live server Won’t work and all that They Told me My internet Is good fast And the Problem is the simulator they Told me to contact One of the CEO of Infinite flight That could help me on the situation Right now I was in grade 4 But It went down to grade 3 I havent flown for those Type of reasons I just Beg Someone To Help Me please I really appreciate it 😃

I’m in no way staff or a technician, but I can try to help :)

Could you describe your issue? What do you mean by live servers not working? What issue do you encounter?

Thanks :)


Well if see When I fly On If the live server is on red and the other ones on green idk what is that and the wifi is working great

As has been suggested on your previous topics, it’s likely something wrong with your provider where they are blocking something.

There’s nothing wrong on the Infinite Flight side: if there were, how come nobody else is having this issue? 😉


What happens if you connect to a wifi network or change wifi networks? Is the live server still red when changing internet “sources”?

If it becomes green, it is most likely an issue unrelated to IF.

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Ok i did and yes it becomes green

But that network is not mines I only use mines

This is getting rather repetitive.
I can tell you with 100% certainty that the 1st line customer service rep. you’ve spoken with have no clue what they’re talking about nor do they understand the technical complexities going on here.
And I can say that since Telecom engineering have been my professional line of work for the past decade.

This isn’t something that is broken on Infinite Flight’s end.