Same problem 4 times in a row

Hello this is the 4th time in 3 days i experienced the same issue and I got an unfair violation. The airports don’t load and scenery is blurry. You get a violation when you think you got the runway instead you land on the grass. I’m frustrated already and I’m decided to quit infinite Flight. I cleared scenery cache multiple times. Cleared 9 GB of storage and still the same problem occurs. Developers better fix this issue. It’s annoying.

Photo taken upon arrival at MDPC. On the approach back to KJFK I had no visual on Runway. It’s not fair everyone else lands except me. The game hates me for some reason! I’m tired! Since Sunday I haven’t gotten a landing. I missed 4 or 5 landings! I already made a post about this issue yet no suggestions seem to work!


@appeals is the place you’ll want to be for that violation as it was caused by a technical mishap within the app. That’s as far as the help I can give goes. Sorry this has been happening to you!

Yeah it’s fine I’m not sure if it’s happening because of the update or idk what but they have to fix that.

There are another users reporting problem since last update. They must fix it.

Had the same problem today at Curacao (TNCC) such a mood killer

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Yeah I hate when that happens. The sim also gets heavier due to so many grafics being implemented.

Do you do anything with your graphics settings during flight? Like changing any of the rendering quality or resolution?

The settings are fine but I sent the photo to a violaton appeal person and they removed my ground over speed violation I got because of that. They say it’s a problem with the simulator itself and they’re working to fix it asap