Same pressure

The pressure is the same at 0 Feet sea level and the same at 38,000 feet. Please fix this. Airlines dont pressureize the cabin to make you feel your at sea level. They pressurize it to around what its like at 8,000 feet

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I was under the impression that the reading supplied in the bottom information bar is a reading you’d use to set the altimeter - not a reading of pressure at whatever altitude you’re at. So the SLP reading is correct. That’s how I understand it anyway, maybe someone else has a better answer

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Let’s just say that 1013hpa is sea level pressure. Your static probes are sensing static pressure and comparing it to 1013hpa to figure out the altitude.

No the pressure exist. I can fly at 230kts at 45’000 but i have a ground speed of 520 kts for example… The pressure exist! :)