Same planes; more realism.

Let’s be honest. That title was written wrong. But I gotta say something.

We love when planes get added, and the global update was astounding, but I think we need to take a break from planes and focus on adding more realism. It gets boring when all you see is a clear sky every single time, and rarely see a drop of fog. It gets hard to see when you fly at night and you literally see nothing but a tiny glimpse of your 2D plane windows and a dark cockpit with no dynamic lighting. The only thing you see are runway lights, and speaking of lights, they need to get revamped.

We have tons of great planes, and sure, some need reworks, but we also need more things like PAPI lights and terrain lights (not 3d lights, fsx style lights). I know this is a hard thing to do. You might need to remap all the terrain at night to cater to producing night lights. Dynamic lighting is hard, but you could always use sprites for them. I don’t want to come off as spoiled but these are things we need in IF if we want it more realistic. If we want to go above and beyond, contrails would be nice, and even bits of smoke particles coming from the engines.

Saying “phones cant support that” isn’t going to help either to make IF more realistic. Just like how when you have all the settings on max you can see the nice 3D fog effect at 36k feet in the air, we can do that to contrails. Still, what matters most is better physics for some planes (lets be honest, a 787-10 can’t do 11000 VS at 13000 feet.) and that is needed. Especially the CRJ-200, which has awful physics.

Again, I don’t wanna come off as spoiled but these are things that were voted for and also had numerous requests. Kill me if this is a duplicate but I couldn’t find anything like this. Thanks!

EDIT: expect some grammatical problems to and feel free to disagree with me. thanku


Check out the #features category there are allot of request’s there for the things you mentioned in your post.

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Exactly what i’m trying to say. These features have been requested but smushing them all into one post is a bit easier.

You can only request one thing per request according to the #features guidelines.

And in order to post in #features #real-world-aviation #real-world-aviation:spotting #live:events and #live:va you must be TL2, you’re currently TL1, keep liking, posting, and keeping activity on the forums and you should be there in no time!

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There are many various requests, with global things were drastically improved. As the current development is on aircraft it’s likely after the devs could proceed to add more realism but honestly what we got with global was a major improvement and I think many people want new planes or reworked ones. Weather is based on real world conditions and I personally have seen fog quite a bit.

With everything merged it’s hard to gauge what people want and what’s needed. Hence the reason we have the rules as they are.

Hey there. It’s been said many times, but aircraft development won’t stop because we have developers specifically tasked and specializing in aircraft modeling.

We are working on many features and most developers have their strength, as features like atmospherics and the previous water rendering came from one, aircraft come from another, and even one developer working on UI changes.

Releasing and developing aircraft does not have any effect on other features being developed. Our aircraft modelers would not be doing the other features you’ve mentioned. Thanks!