Same Person on different Server

Hello All.

So recently I found out something unusual and I wanted to know what was happening.
Here is what I found:

I found the same Person on two different servers at the same time.
Users Aircraft - Cessna 172
Here are the pics of the User

Free Flight Server

ATC Playground Server

This is the exact same user on two different servers. Go have a look yourself. The two aircrafts weren’t in the same position though.

Device info:
iPad Air 2 64GB
iOS 10.0 Beta
Latest IF Update

Thank You.

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This bug never corrected for 1 year+.

This allow people to have imposible flight time (24hr+ per 1 day) with multiple devices. (Ex. phone for FF, Pad for PG…)👆


So they can log into the same account on different devices and receive more flight time correct?


Yup that’s correct. I tried before.

Connection to same server with same account cause crash with warning pop-up.

But connection to different server with same account never get crash.

So they can get more flight time with different device.

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Ahh I see.

Thanks for the help!


You’re welcome Dawud 😉


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