Same Old, Same Old @KORD

Hello and welcome to yet another spotting topic from Orchard Field in Chicago. These are shots I have taken over the past month or so, but am only now compiling them into a spotting topic.

First one on the list is from the last spotting session before my new camera arrived, and all I will say is, it would’ve been nice to have the new camera for this one

Next up is a Swiss 777, slowing down on 28C

Another Swiss plane, this time an A340, also slowing it down on 28C

A Lufthansa 747-8 blasting it off on 10L on its flight to Frankfurt

Another plane blasting off from 10L is this Etihad 787-9, heading for Abu Dhabi

A somewhat unexpected visitor is this Qatar A350-900, which was in Chicago because of the C-Band 5G problems affecting 777s

An ANA 777-300ER in beautiful morning light

This Lufthansa A350 departed about 17 hours later than expected, with no passengers, as it had to stay here overnight for some maintenance

Last but not least, Southwest’s Arizona One taking off from 10L

Hope you enjoyed this spotting topic. If not, that’s alright.



Great pictures!

Tbh I forgot SWA served ORD lol

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I love the United 757 in the beginning, really cool livery.

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Everyone does. It’s almost like there isn’t an airport 20 miles away from ohare where southwest has a 95% market share…

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Wow…wow…WOW! Amazing shots, it’s not just same old same old Chicago 😂

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These are all beautiful photos! Nice job.

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Awesome shots! Anything with an A340 is a win in my books.

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I might just have to agree with you. Nothing wrong with seeing Hairdryer One every now and then

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Nice spotting! I love that Swiss a340 shot!

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