Same company new type rating

Been at CAE for the last two days of ground school and tomorrow will be my first day of Sim. Seriously looking fwd to it, although not looking fwd to the checkride. Lol

A mix of emotions so far. Anxious, excited and nervous all rolled into one.

Anyways, the purpose of this post is to give you a mini tour of the facility. CAE like Flight Safety hosts various pilots from all over the world to get a new certificate into a new plane, doing your six month recurrent that ever PIC goes through in the US and in my case my once a year recurrent for the other ac I fly coming up in August.

Anyways on to the pics.

Probably my favorite spot to watch planes take off.

Next to that spot is also a mini putting area to decompress for 15 mins every hour on the hour during ground school. A much needed break as we are drowned in info for 8hrs a day.

Study material on my desk in class that I start going over when the class goes on a tangent 😂

Everyday at 3pm is cookies time. Excuse the crappy pic. Will try an get a better one tommorow and off the cookies before they are devoured

Every Tuesday is also happy hour Tuesday. Light beer and wine are served with snacks to help you unwind and network with other pilots.

Not a bad selection

Second favorite spot to study. The Hangar room.

I will be adding more pics daily until my time here is done. Hope you enjoy them. :)


Sim Bay. As you can see the first one is a 73 sim. This is mainly used for BBJ pilots although as of late there have been a lot of AA guys come in to use it as there’s have bee
down(or so I’m told) I haven’t gotten a chance to take a pic of the actual sim yet as it’s been pretty busy and once I get in, it’s time to get to work.

Cold start day. All the info we need it written up on the board. Usually the instructor starts of by what we will be doing today in a sim and it soon transfers to application. As you brief everything as far as departure, performance numbers and situations arise we dig in deeper to issues that may or may not “surprise” us on the Sim. It’s fun when it’s all said and done, but it’s also called the “sweat box” for a reason.


I hope the best for the Flight sim sessions. I actually really like that place. I wish I could visit the CAE one day. One of the US most popular Flight schools. 👍


Thank you. We shall see how it goes tomorrow lol you can visit. Just be a corporate pilot haha! It definitely is. It’s huge in Europe too from what I understand.

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A friend of mine just went to CAE for a type rating, he told us that they got cookies on Tuesday and he was very serious lol He says it’s going be his retirement job working there

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I can’t blame him. I’ve been to both Flight Safety and CAE and I will tell you the quality of instructors are top notch.

Good pay, good culture and good benefits. If for any reason I lose my medical, I will definitely apply here

It used to be cookies Tuesday when I came here last, but now it’s cookies everyday at 3pm lol. Well, at least yesterday and today. Will let you know about tomorrow lol

Can you share what type rating you are trying to achieve?

Best of luck

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Thank you. And it will be Embraer’s Phenom 300


Oh wow, one of the best corp jets around! That will be a fun beast to fly!
Thanks for sharing :)

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Anytime. It really is. The more I learn about it the more I realize why it’s one of the best sold Corp jets around. I am used to flying it’s crappy younger brother (Phenom 100 which I will continue to fly sadly) , but I am definitely looking fwd to nice trips on the 300.

Only a few things I don’t like about it and one of the major reason is the plane is heavily electrical. The G1000 has it’s flaws. That said still a great plane from all the people in my company that fly it.

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Oh Nice. The bigger version of the 100. Looking forward to seeing the pictures and reading the experience

Good luck!

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Bigger, but not by much. Out performs in every way. Yea, will post some pics from and off the Sim sometime this week.

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Thank you. Much appreciated :)

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Added a couple more pics.

Tommorow will be HOT start day with V1 cuts and a bunch of single engine approaches, go around se…

Tommorow is often called “never skip leg day” if your instructor is nice he or she will switch between left and right engines.


Passed my written test at the end of ground school. Two days later had my oral (passed) and sim evaluation (passed) the same day.

Flew my first trip on the new a couple days ago ( DFW-SLC-MSY)

Back in class today just for a day for differences G1000 vs G3000 as my company will be receiving 4 new 300s this year.

To wrap it up… a quick oral test will be done to conclude the day.

Tomorrow will be flying from ASE-LAS-APC. Super excited to fly this plane a lot.


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