Same boring airport, different photos


Every time I go spotting in the dark it feels like truck-kun can come at any moment and isekai me into an anime fantasy world.

Ok let’s go

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30 minutes of departures and one singular arrival smashed together into one photo

T-055 going full reverse thrust on a contaminated runway

Similar lighting and conditions, very different day: an omni air 777-200er transporting US military troops to Ramstein

Peter Griffin special livery

Follow this guy, his photos are kinda nice:


I thought christmas is in 2 months. And can I get the perm to use this as my PC wallpaper?


Yeah sure go ahead man


Nice shots, love the long exposure one 👌👌


Thank you!


How do u take a long exposure pic like that? It’s too good!

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I used the built in intervalometer on my camera to take 13 second exposures with a one second gap inbetween the exposures. I ended up with roughly 150 photos which in total was around 30 minutes. When I got home I uploaded the photos into lightroom classic, selected all the photos, opened them as layers in photoshop, clicked on “normal” in the layers tab on the bottom right and then selected lighten. After that I merged the layers together and saved the file so it would go back into lightroom classic.

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I’d like to request 1 hour of departures and arrivals for a singual shot. Very nice work!

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Give me one or two months, at the moment there’s not enough activity during the dark hours so I gotta wait for the sun to rise later and the sun to set earlier

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idk why does it look so blurry (taken from my pc desktop screenshot)

edit: its because the image on discourse recognises itself as 1920x1080 but on picwish it recognises itself 1640x922

It’s not the full res and some of the images shifted around a bit because of my camera moving around resulting in some motion in the resulting photo

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I doubt that it’ll make a difference if I send you the full resolution version if you do not have a 4K monitor

Hi, @callaa. I just wanted to say that I’m in love with the first picture, and it’s absolutely amazing photography.

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Thanks for the kind words!

I’d have to agree. Definitely the most boring photos I’ve ever seen.

please don’t hurt me this is a joke, they’re awesome

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Finally someone that has recognized my incompetence when it comes to photography

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No I’ve recognized it I just don’t comment on it obv joke


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