Same approaches but different letters

Lets say I’m coming in to runway 34L at KSEA and I go to approaches. I see H34LZ, I34L, L34L, and R34LY. I look at them and they are the same approach, just different colors. What does this mean?

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Are you referring to the runway color on the map?

@Z-Tube, I think he is referring to different colored approaches that follow the same path. ;)


No. I accidentally said colors because some airports have the same approach lines but they’re different colors. Seattle does not. But they are the same approach lines

Yes! That’s what I mean

I’m not too sure I understand. Are you referring to the white and red on the map nearing the airport approach (the pyramids)?

Maybe this will help you understand:


No. If you can, go to KSEA and click of proc. Click on approach and look at every 34L approach. They follow the same lines but they are different letters

Yes! That helps. Thank you

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Oh, got it. That’s just the instrument procedures. Sorry for not understanding earlier

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Clarification provided in @Andre_S ‘s post.