Same airline different registration?

Hey guys, I have a little question, I’ve posted a feature for the interjet livery with this registration XA-FUA that has sharklet and CFM engines, then one guy said there was already a one but with different registration and different Wingtips, so my question if it’s OK?? We can have same livery but with different registrations like for example American Airlines that has many 737 liveries in the SIM?.

They’re basically the same thing. The many American liveries on the 737 are different from the original livery. The only difference between your request and the one linked is the wingtips. The livery is the exact same.

Oh okay 👌, dang my request is going to be closed :(

But thank you!

Are you asking why we have liveries of the same airlines with different registrations on the same airline’s plane?

Same airline with different registration.

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