Samdog27's Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KSFO

Samdog27’s Radar Tracking Thread


Hello Infinite Flight Community!

Recently, I have been working towards reaching the next step in my Air Traffic Controlling journey - Radar Training. To achieve this, practice is key! I would love to have you help me achieve this goal by coming to my training sessions. Please read the information below and thank you so much for coming!

Flying Etiquette

Even though I am part of the IFATC organization, I have been given the go-ahead to conduct these trainings on the **Training Server** as I have not reached the rank of Officer which qualifies me to perform Radar services on Expert Server. No reports will happen as this is Training Server!

Please make this a safe and fun environment that’s primary goal is education. This means that all trolling or any other malicious flying will not help towards this goal and is therefore not wanted. Trolling helps no one and only makes for an unpleasant time.

Where Do You Come In?

I would love to have you come and help in the following ways

  • Please let me know if you are coming and how to identify you
  • Spawn in at one of the recommended airports so it provides me with the best service possible. Please check the size of the airport you plan to spawn in as some airports can’t handle large aircraft
  • Follow all instructions given to you by me
  • Provide feedback related to my service after you have finished!


Please let me know if you have any of the following feedback

  • Terrain bust: Must remain above 1,000ft AGL when not on a cleared approach, climbing from an airport, and/or actively being controlled on my frequency.
  • Separation bust: Must remain a minimum or 3nm horizontal, and 1,000ft vertical distance between other aircraft.
  • Issue intercepting: Should intercept before the ILS cone begins, at a heading of 30⁰ off or less.
  • Inefficiency: If you believe you could’ve got to the runway significantly quicker safely.

Airport Information

KSFO - San Francisco International Airport

Status Information
Airport/Frequency Oakland Center
Runways in use 28L + 28R
Accepted approaches ILS, GPS, RV, Visual, STARs
Comments Expect vectors. Please follow instructions given by controller.
Recommended Airports KSFO, KMHR, KNUQ, KSJC, KSUU
Approved by my trainer, @Drummer for IFATC Radar Training Purposes
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