SamC's Radar Tracking Thread - [closed] @N/A


I am an IFATC specialist and you have maybe seen me control before. I am planning on applying for radar soon! In the meantime I would appreciate if you could help me practice.

Airport and runways in use:

Server: Training

Approach types: VIS, ILS, and radar vectors

Tell me about any terrain busts(under 1000 AGL) and separation busts with another aircraft(under 3nm or 1000 vertical)

Thread approved by Tyler


I am now open. Come on by!

Unfortunately can’t come but might want to put in who approved the thread. Good luck with your session and hope to see you as radar soon!

Cign :)

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I’ll come by!

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I will come

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My home airport!! Wish I could make it, but I am in the middle of EWR-MAN on Jet2. 😭😭

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I am now closed. Thank you very much to everyone that came!

Ok so just a piece of feedback here. Note this may not be accurate as I am not a radar controller.

  • I was climbing, so a more appropriate altitude command would be like “climb and maintain 5000”, instead of like descend and maintain 3000. I suggest taht you make me go to 5000 and after a while, descend me down to 4000, and when you make me turn base, descend to 3000 and clear for the approach

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Eh, what he did was fine. You’re on a visual, so he would’ve set you up for a 3000ft downwind. The less additional changes he has to make to you, the better.

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I am now open again

Edit: now closed

I am now open!

Anybody around?

Give me a few to close KNUC and I’ll come.

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I am now closed

Now open at YMML!

Runway 16

i’m coming by now! :) callsign : M00N (IG - IFBLOGS IFGA)

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I am now closed. Thanks to everyone that came!

I am now open again at KSBP!

Runway 11 only

Coming by now.

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