SamC @ TNCM (Amazing!)

Great to hear! IFATC loves feedback, and feedback like these is what keeps us going!

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I don’t think any type of praise should be limited to a message… after all, like somebody said - it’s mostly complaints on here, if I was a controller I would love to see some praise once in a while!

It’s good for the morale!

If any of you work as a manager at your job and have people underneath you you will understand this philosophy of perpetual success!




Thank you so much @Enigma! This makes me feel so good. Thanks for the kind words😊. Also TNCM is a very hard airport to control.


I tried controlling it on the training server - and believe it or not people were listening, yet it was still extremely difficult!!

I learned a few tactics just by watching you… honestly my friend truly amazing work… WestJet 6656/7 thanks you for your expedited service!!

It is indeed frustrating and annoying when people don’t listen.

Anyway, if you’d like to control on the expert server and be like @SamC, feel free to check out this thread here :)

I’d love to see you in IFATC one day! Who knows if you’ll be the next one getting a compliment as a controller? :)


Well you never said thank you to the approach controller when you came into TNCM, about an hour ago. 😉
On that note, amazing job Sam!



You mean this gem? @Flo_Rauslg

Incredible job

No I was the controller at TNCM. 😂
I still need my thank you message @Enigma


Hahaha I had a feeling I was wrong there

Thank you thank you very much @Omar_Alqinneh

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Haha I was joking, you’re welcome. 🙂😂

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For sure, just a great night to be on Infinite Flight!!

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I see you coming in again to TNCM!

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Looks like a Princess Juliana parking lot down here lol… The price of a gate is going up!

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Yeah, I can’t get much departures out as the arriving traffic is just endless, and not to mention, the back taxiing :/


You’re a champion for even trying lol

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Yeah, its sad that this is the case, but at the same time its kinda fun to read through them 😂

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I had a hard time maintaining arrival spacing earlier, and I crashed in the middle of runway :(

Great job for those who controlling TNCM today. I believe the 5nm spacing may not even work as a lot of back taxi involved :)

I think that you need to thank me for the service into LIRF, yeah? 😂 @Enigma
Joking haha.


I agree, he did a great job