SamC @ TNCM (Amazing!)

@SamC is an incredibly talented controller - I couldn’t help but to give credit where credit is most definitely due… this professional is running TNCM like its his last day at LAX… truly amazing…!

Kudos Sam!


That’s great to hear, I’m sure @SamC would love this. It is rare to see users praise a controller on the IFC, most of the time it’s just a complain :/


But Anyways, I agree! @SamC is ONE OF THE BEST controllers I have met in the world of IF. You are able to control busy airports without much delays!

Well done! You definately deserve a higher spot in the IFATC!

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Lol or not an Appeal

Your not doing that bad too! You managed to start a VA while being IFATC @TheAviationGallery

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I’m sure if you look at my history I have a few complaints, but those complaints do not come without praise for those who are doing incredibly amazing - @SamC just incredible… double landings on the runway and keeping things in order - that is why I pay money for this sim… give that guy a raise for sure @MishaCamp !!

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I don’t see any harm in posting a topic about this, after all, controllers deserve some praise for their hard work. If complaints about IFATC can be posted publicly (it shouldn’t be but it happens), why can’t compliments be posted publicly too? :)


Great to hear! IFATC loves feedback, and feedback like these is what keeps us going!

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I don’t think any type of praise should be limited to a message… after all, like somebody said - it’s mostly complaints on here, if I was a controller I would love to see some praise once in a while!

It’s good for the morale!

If any of you work as a manager at your job and have people underneath you you will understand this philosophy of perpetual success!




Thank you so much @Enigma! This makes me feel so good. Thanks for the kind words😊. Also TNCM is a very hard airport to control.


I tried controlling it on the training server - and believe it or not people were listening, yet it was still extremely difficult!!

I learned a few tactics just by watching you… honestly my friend truly amazing work… WestJet 6656/7 thanks you for your expedited service!!

It is indeed frustrating and annoying when people don’t listen.

Anyway, if you’d like to control on the expert server and be like @SamC, feel free to check out this thread here :)

I’d love to see you in IFATC one day! Who knows if you’ll be the next one getting a compliment as a controller? :)


Well you never said thank you to the approach controller when you came into TNCM, about an hour ago. 😉
On that note, amazing job Sam!



You mean this gem? @Flo_Rauslg

Incredible job

No I was the controller at TNCM. 😂
I still need my thank you message @Enigma


Hahaha I had a feeling I was wrong there

Thank you thank you very much @Omar_Alqinneh

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Haha I was joking, you’re welcome. 🙂😂

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For sure, just a great night to be on Infinite Flight!!

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I see you coming in again to TNCM!

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Looks like a Princess Juliana parking lot down here lol… The price of a gate is going up!

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