SamB777’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @N/A

Hello and thanks for stopping by! I’ve seen a lot of people around me create this, and I’ve just passed the IFATC Practice test so I’m creating a ATC Tracking Thread too! So, feel free to join!

Status: Closed
Airport: N/A
Server: Training

Ping list: @PilotA350 @Crossie1212 @Andy_Garrett @Prestoni


Ping me when you open

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Ill be down to join

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Add me to your ping list please!

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Ping me when your open!

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Guys I’m open at VHHH!
@PilotA350 @Prestoni @Crossie1212 @Andy_Garrett

I need more pings!! Please feel free to join, especially if you’re IFATC!

@SamB777 it would be great if you could atc my event on March 23.
It’s at KSEA to KCVG.

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Is it Training or Expert?

Expert. Go check it out for details.

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I’m sorry. I’m not IFATC yet therefore I can’t control in Expert.

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I need people!

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