Samalar's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome to my tracking thread!

I have recently passed the IFATC written test and would like to start getting some feedback on my controlling ahead of taking the practical test.

I would really appreciate it if you could join, fly around for a little while and provide feedback :)





I opened this thread and then got stupidly busy in RL so never actually got a chance to use it!

Either way, I am now open at EGCC for an hour or so.

This is my first time using a tracking thread so feedback please :)

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If the wifi in the ICE (german “highspeee“ train) allows it will depart to Berlin.

While i am climbing i can already tell you what i saw:

Frequency change can come a little bit earlier, the rest was all good, I just want to see how you would do it with more traffic. When I requested pushback you already told me expect RWY 23R so it was very clear where I should go to. Shortly my wifi disconnected but I think it wasnt a problem

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@Ray_Wang thanks for coming along - sorry for being a bit slow on the runway exit instructions!

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Ah ya,Not a problem.Good control well,I’ PM your feedback .

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Thanks @TYTY - will ensure I instruct to change frequency quicker going forward. Thanks for coming by.

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I though a little bit about it and here is a example how I learned it:

AirBerlin414 (me): “Air Berlin 414, request departure to the west”

Tower (you): 1) answer to the departure request (I am not sure how it would sound in the game, should be like) “Air Berlin 414, departure to the west is approved”
And 2) fast frequency change directly after the departure to … is approved:
“Air Berlin, frequency change is approved”

Air Berlin 414: “departure to the west is approved, Air Berlin 414”
“Frequency change approved, good day, Air Berlin 414”

And than you dont have to care about me, that would be important with a lot of traffic

(Not sure if the calls/messenges are like that in game)

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I am still here if anyone fancies some pattern work

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That makes sense - I will take a look back over the replay :)

Thanks again

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I am now closed :) thanks all!

Hey there,

I had to go really fast so here is my feedback now. I didn’t complete my “session” so let me know when you open again.

  • firstly, you cleared me for the option incorrectly. If you already told me “ cleared for t/o make right/left traffic” then don’t say after this “cleared to land after the option make left/right traffic. Do this unless there is a runway change or in other similar situations.
    *you told me “I was already instructed to change frequency” is correct after I asked for frq. Change on ground.

(My callsign was EMD-NL)

Cheers Escort - for some reason I was under the impression that you would still clear for the option with left/right traffic for the first touch & go clearance only.