Salty Sinkholes

Hoi! 👋 Earlier today, I was flying around the Salt Lake area and noticed something rather…strange. At first, it just looked like distortion in the terrain, but as I got closer, I realized there was much more under the surface (pun intended). Turns out it is a massive sinkhole in the ground, stretching over 2,000 feet deep! Enjoy some of my photos I captured while exploring this salty sinkhole.

Flight Details

Server: Solo
Aircraft: XCub
Nearest Airport: UT40
Photo Editor: Adobe Lightroom

Flying along as I first sight the sinkholes 🕳️

“In we go!” 🕳️

Flying along the bottom of the sinkhole 🕳️

Landing to walk around for a bit in the sinkholes 🕳️

Escaping the wrath of the sinkhole 🕳️

I hope you enjoyed, and have a great rest of your day!!


Is this an actual thing in real life? Now I want to go to Salt Lake city in real life and in the sim!

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Nah, it only exists in the sim lol

Hello darkness my old friend