Salt Lake to Emerald City // KSLC-KSEA // Nov. 11, 2020

Salt Lake to Emerald City // KSLC-KSEA // Nov. 11, 2020

Server: Expert
Callsign: SkyWest 1060
Time: 2015 Zulu - 2220 Zulu
Route: Salt Lake City (KSLC) - Seattle (KSEA)
Aircraft: Embraer E170

Hello aviators! Today, I flew from Salt Lake City to Seattle to transfer the E170 for the Seattle flyout this Saturday. Accompanying me was @Jake_Rogers. This was a great and beautiful flight through the Western portion of the United States. Enjoy!

  1. @Jake_Rogers and I waiting until departure in beautiful Salt Lake City.

  2. Climbing out of Salt Lake City on our way to Seattle!

  3. Making a turn towards Seattle while approaching the Great Salt Lake.

  4. Flying close to my wingman for this flight, @Jake_Rogers.

  5. Passing through Idaho on our way to the Emerald City.

  6. Enjoying clear blue skies :)

  7. Catching views of Mt. Rainier while descending into Seattle.

  8. Enjoying the amazing landscape of Washington while monitoring the descent.

  9. Taxiing to parking after landing, with Mt. Rainier in the background.

  10. Parked after the flight to Seattle, WA.

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Hope you guys enjoyed these shots! Special thanks to @Jake_Rogers for joining me on this flight. Come back tomorrow for more photos!


Nice photo album of your flight! Told the story well! Looked like a great flight!


Thank you very much! Was a great flight indeed.


Seems like a nice route to get some great views! Nice job!


Sure was. Thank you!

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