Salt Lake - St. George Trip Report!

Hello everyone! Earlier today, my friend @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek and I flew from Salt Lake City to St. George for a virtual weekend vacation. I decided to make a trip report out of the photos I’ve taken from the flight. Enjoy!

Flight Details

Server: Expert
Aircraft: CRJ-200
Airline: Delta

I just boarded my flight, and it looks like I’ve got seat 12D. Unfortunately, I’ll be right next to the engines, so it’ll be very loud during flight. But hey, at least I got a window to take some nice photos!

We’ve just pushed back! My friend, Dejani, couldn’t make the same flight as me, since he has to work at McDonald’s until 1 p.m. Fortunately, his flight won’t be much later in the day.

Woooaaahh that was an interesting takeoff. As the plane started to swerve back and forth on the runway, I began to think the pilot was having a stroke or something. Anyways, we’re up in the air after taking off of 34L! Nice view of Salt Lake tower too.

Ooh, that’s a cool view of the great salt lake as we depart! The woman sitting next to me is a nervous flyer, so I tried to calm her down a bit so I could enjoy my flight without constant whimpering coming from the seat next to me…

We’ve just reached cruising altitude! The flight attendants gave me some biscoff cookies which were enough to tide me over until dinner. I soon got bored, so I decided to watch a movie. Hmm, what movie should I watch…?

We are now on decent into St. George! I’m surprised how quickly the flight has gone. We’re only 10 minutes out from the airport!

We’re now on final. I am looking out the window and wondering why so many people have the urge to keep their lawns green… We’re in a freaking desert, and water is a limited resource here!!

The landing was okay. It was a late touchdown, but at least it was smooth. This airport is a lot less busy compared to Salt Lake, so it’s nice to get away from the chaos.

Just existed the plane, and I got this shot after walking off. I then walked into the terminal building and texted Dejani, “Hey man, how close are you to arriving?” A couple minutes later, he responded saying “We’re about to start our decent. See U soon!”

I just claimed my luggage in baggage claim, and I was waiting for Dejani to walk in when a man approached me. He said “hey, you were on that Delta Connection flight from SLC, right? and I replied “Uh, yeah I was…” He then said “Well I got this cool picture of your airplane after it arrived. I thought I’d show you since you look like an AvGeek.” He showed me the photo he took on his IPhone, and I was impressed!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed, and have a great rest of your day.

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ahem this was a month ago actually I was actually on a boat in the salty lake of Utah

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It was 6 hours ago -_-

im in Hawaii you goofy ahh boi

yes we did do the flight earlier today

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That definitely ain’t Delta Connection if you’re flying a CRJ-200 and you got an IFE screen on that plane lol! Great trip report!


@Wonderousbuilder641 your rapidly becoming the next IFC trip report comedian! 😆
Amazing pictures my friend, you get a cookie platter for talking about my home town

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IFE on a regional flight?? 🤨😂

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Yup. It’s a really special seat 👌🏻


Nice trip report!

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Face reveal??!?!!?!?

Glad to see the CRJ-200 get some love, nice shots


nice… NICE photoshop, fooled me for a second there


That televisor got me 👌

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