Salt Lake City to Phoenix/18.01.21

Hi there! I flew a few Hours ago a Flight From Salt Lake City to Phoenix
with @GER-ALLIANCE-JAN & @MC_king
Here are a few Pics:D


1.At the Gate in Salt Lake City

  1. Hold short on the RWY

  1. At Cruising Altitude 31,000 FT

  1. Wing view 😍😍

  1. Start Decent into Phoenix(KPHX)

  1. On Final at RWY 8

  1. Touchdown πŸ›«πŸœ

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Great pictures! I especially love number 6. :)

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Amazing pictures! To your attention, you made an average rating poll instead of regular maybe?

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@MADCAT Thank you so much ! But I don’t really unterstand your question

@CJLAviation Thx bro me too :D

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I mean if you wanted to create a poll to vote for favorite picture or just simple average rating poll?
(The one with 6.27 rating below the pictures)

Its not really important question, just was curious

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Idk much about because Iβ€˜m really active since on week in IFC I will look at it :)

2 and 7 are great!