Salt Lake City - Runway Changes I ATC Approach Timelapse

Salt Lake City - Runway Changes

Hey everyone! I’m back with another timelapse, and this one’s a interesting one. While I was on Approach at Salt Lake City yesterday, we had a runway change in the middle of my session, and I had to manually vector over 30+ planes towards the opposite runway. With challenging terrain and busy traffic, I was quite surprised to be able to pull it off without any major issues and thus the decision to make a timelapse to show you how we managed to change runways smoothly and promptly. Enjoy!


KSLC Ground: @jamie_pharoah / @Rhys_V
KSLC Tower: @jamie_pharoah / @Rhys_V
KSLC Approach: @TheAviationGallery
Salt Lake City Center: @Kyle0705

Screenshot 2021-01-11 at 10.53.45 PM

Click the image above to view the video of the time-lapse.


Awesome video! Loving these timelapses!

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Another great timelapse. Was great working with you during the controller change, Nicholas!

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Thank you Rhys, always enjoy controlling with ya ;)

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Awesome Timelapse!

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