Salt Lake City plane spotting

I work as a fueler at the salt lake airport and got a few cool pictures of planes.

image image image


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Those are amazing! Didn’t know KLM fliers to Salt Lake City, let alone the 787.

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Here is a pic of a pilot retirement


Started up as an A330-200 a few years back. KLM axed its DFW flight in favor of SLC for its JV partner Delta.


I was shocked as well! Unfortunately I wasn’t dispatched onto the plane for fueling but it was still a beauty to see. That blue sure looks amazing under the sun!

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anger intensifies

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Great pics! I’ll actually be flying in from Houston in about 12 hours 🙃

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I remember a few years ago I flew into KSLC from KSTL and seeing the KLM A330 before they switched it to a B787

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I got a picture of a KLM 787 in SLC waiting for my flight to Portland.

that’s the first time I had ever seen a 787 in my life


Amazing! Love the second picture


The 767 is truly a beautiful aircraft. Too bad it’s on the older side and being retired.

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Been to SLC about 5 times and unfortunately the timing never allowed me to see the KLM. Big things for you guys with the expansion project and possible Delta route to ICN. Hope to visit Utah or connect in the future. I see SLC as the CLT of the west from a spotter’s perspective. Huge regional hub that’s outdated and being retrofitted. Also one European foreign carrier. U guys with the KLM 789 and us with the LH A359


That’s Denver tight there. Too bad they dropped the 747-400 from DEN-MUN (Denver-Munich). But we got the A359 in its place

Very well said! Both airport’s are being revamped.

AA and DL are planning expansions at both airports once they receive enough resources.

Hey I mean… at least Denver has…

  • British Airways
  • Edelweiss
  • Icelandair
  • Lufthansa
  • Norwegian

…while SLC/CLT only have one foreign airline from another continent.

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That Delta 767 though 😋
Awesome pics!

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That used to be flown with an A333 or A346. A B744 never flew DEN-MUC.

Very nice shots! Hope to see more from you soon :)

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I have decided that the 767 has to be my favorite plane! The shear size when you get up close is incredible! I am glad I have had the privilege of fueling her a few times!

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