Salt Lake City Airport Shut Down By Earthquake

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Salt Lake City was just rattled by a magnitude 5.7 earthquake.

(Salt Lake City Airport is in the process of rebuilding its terminals )

About three hours ago, Salt Lake City was shaken by a magnitude 5.7 earthquake. This is apparently the strongest earthquake in Salt Lake City since 1992.

As a result, the airport has closed and all facilities were evacuated.


Flights have been cancelled and inbound aircraft were diverted.


And the interiors have been flooded:


New terminal image per SLC Airport
Salt Lake City airport evacuates, halts operations following magnitude 5.7 earthquake | Fox News

At the moment, over 132 flights or 29% of flights have been cancelled.

Overall, there doesn’t appear to be any deaths or significant injures. The extent of the damage hasn’t been fully evaluated yet, so hopefully there’s no significant damage to the new terminal.


Wow, what a great two days for the airports of America


I was just there a month ago! I didn’t know that they get earthquakes there too.

@Captain_Merka Normally we don’t get earthquakes in Utah or Colorado and when we do they are really small.

I wonder if some of these flights diverted to GJT.

You’re correct. Some did but most went to either DEN or BOI from what I saw on FR24.


Two Delta A220s, 1 Delta 737-900, 1 Delta E-175.

And I’m leaving SLC on Sunday. I felt the tremors 😂 I didn’t know there were earthquakes there until I felt part of it

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Hate earthquakes

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There are still cargo flights operating out of SLC at the moment. (A FedEx took off around 3 minutes ago


Born and raised in SLC, we do have a fault line right down the Wasatch front mountain range, you can see where the fault line has previously shifted along the mountain range (long ago).

My whole life they have been predicting a “big one” in the next 50 years. Luckily we only get smaller ones but this is the biggest one since 1992 for Utah, we have had about 30-40 small aftershocks this morning.

Checking the flight radar this morning was bizarre.


That’s crazy! Great to hear from a local that everything’s ok!

It was sitting on the Tarmac waiting for awhile, I know the tower was evacuated this morning, glad they were able to take off.

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I also noticed a couple diverted to Albuquerque this morning.

Holy crap that’s a lot of water

Yup, looks like the airport reopened.

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ups also just took off. It looks amazing but scary at the same time!

This is crazy. I feel so bad for everyone. I’m surprised there are still departing planes after this

That does not look good.

A quote from a Utah businessman:

“We’re being pushed inside by the Coronavirus, and now being pushed outside by the earthquake. I might have to leave suddenly if there is another tremor though, our house is unsafe for this”

My dad was on call to a fellow businessman a few hours ago whilst a tremor had hit. Luckily it wasn’t major. They were more joking having a laugh than scared.

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Delta’s statement on the earthquake:

Delta teams are evaluating the impact on service after a 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck about 30 miles from the airline’s hub at Salt Lake City International Airport.
“The safety of our employees and customers is our top priority following the earthquake this morning near Salt Lake City,” said Adam Ryan, Managing Director - Airport Customer Service Operations in Salt Lake City. “All of our on-duty employees are safe and accounted for, and we’re working closely with the airport to be able to resume our operation as soon as possible.”

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