Salosawek’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] at KSEA

Airport: KSEA

Status: Closed

Frequencies: Ground 121.70. Tower 119.90

I want to practice my inbound and outbound flights

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Hey, please use the following format below!


This topic looks a bit familiar…

Make sure to follow the format I linked on the bottom of the originial topic. There’s no need to make a replica :)


Ok. Thanks for the help!

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@Kryzlot did you crash?

Okey dokey… so, I was Kryzlot obviously and I’m not gonna get specific with feedback because I want to give you a chance to refer to a couple of ATC tutorials. So first, “the art of sequencing”, “the perfect test” and then just all tower tutorials please!!!

Iam in no way annoyed or trying to hurt feelings but I would always love to help anyone out and if you go watch those tutorials or if u have, watch again and then I guarantee next time you will be controlling much better and then I can give more specific feed back !!

I will PM with some feedback though!


Nope I exited out 😉

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Hey there, N922BW here. Fun little airport and perfect for patterns. I second what @Kryzlot suggested and check out the tutorial videos. Watch them a couple times, and keep opening!


Thank you! Will do.

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