Salisbury airport not the steak

Flight number two of my series where I do a flight less than 400 miles.
Salisbury is the largest city of Maryland’s eastern shore. No the Salisbury Steak was not invented here.
My flight was from KCLT-KSBY on An American Airlines CRJ2



A great view of Chesapeake Bay

More scenery of the coast of the bay

Approaching the airport


At the gate. I may grab some steak 😋


Ok first of all, AMAZING title… second, beautiful photos, #1 and #4 are my favs :)

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Now you made me hungry 😡

Noice Pictures

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Yeah this part of the states is really amazing, lots of islands and water of different colors.

@Kate_Russell I am seeing you all over the place. I saw you at MSP earlier I saw you not long ago at ATL…I guess it’s a small world 😂

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Yep I was at KATL calculating distances lol

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KCLT to KSBY has been a regular route for over thirty years now…first it was in a Dash 8 and now it is in a ERJ !

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