Sakshibeedu's ATC Tracking Thread - [PASSED]

KLSV Ground and tower now closed

open @KLSV
runways 3L and 3R
More the merrier 😊

Now closed @KLSV ground and tower

Open @ KLSV
ground and tower
Runways 3L and 3R

Ill come and fly!

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Oh never mind :( I have something else I need to attend to, sorry invite me when your open again!

No problem, I understand

I’ll come for a bit

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Anything u want to work on?

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I failed my practical’s the first time cuz of go around
So practice in go around will be good @Baldeagle1

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KLSV ground and tower now closed
Feedback is appreciated
Thanks to all who came! Good day

Thank you @Baldeagle1 for the go arounds today :)

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Closed @klsv