Sakshibeedu's ATC Tracking Thread - [PASSED]


Hello everyone!
Welcome to my ATC Tracking Thread. I joined infinite flight on 17th oct 2020 and my goal is to become an IFATC.
I need your help to spot out my mistakes so that I can contribute to the IF skies.

Airport :
Code : KLSV

Current status : closed

Take off runways : 3L and 3R
Landing runways : 3L and 3R

Server : training

HEY GUYS! I wanted to inform you that I passed the IFATC practicals and now a part of the IFATC…
I want to thank everyone for their time visiting this thread…(sorry didn’t want to disturb anyone by tagging) also to my trainer and recruiter Darius Glover.
Good day everyone

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Now open at KBOI
Training server

I’m there!

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I’ll come there

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Stepping by for some patterns @Sakshibeedu.

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That’s a perfect transition altitude

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How are you so good with commands?

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Oh, error. When you already cleared someone, they’re not required to report position again

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Hey, I was N473CC.

  • you should give a duplicate frequency change instead of avoid duplicate messages, but I know what you meant.

  • good commands for me. Not sure what was going on with the TBM…

Thats it for me! Good session today 🙂

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Feedback for LUF001:
• First of all, Good Session!
• The only mistake was that you should have put me on the 28L for my first Touch and Go. That would give me a shorter and easier route. In addition, the problem with @ZinZowe would also be solved.

I wish you a good evening! 🍻

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I was EI-RME

Some feedback:

You cleared me for pushback even though my aircraft could not pushback - please check in future.

I was inbound and reported to tower, but you told me to stop sending duplicate messages, which I didn’t and wouldn’t accept another request for touch and go. I had to make do with following traffic, which led me to touch and go. I wasn’t told what direction to go to remain in the pattern after every one of my touch and gos, while everyone else was, though I assumed left traffic as I was instructed to previously. I felt a little left out.

Overall you’re getting the general idea! Well done and good luck!


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Thank you for your feedback
I just want to say I am sorry if I made you feel like your were left out…I will look into it next time.

I hope you come back again next time 😁

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I want to thank everyone who came today.
Hopefully you all will come back next time to see some improvement.

Good morning/evening to all!

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Open @ MMMX
Training server
05L and 05R - runways in use

MMMX ground and tower now closed
Thanks C-FMXA for coming
Also sorry for the incorrect runway change :)

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Hey, I was C-FMXA.

You did a great job. The runway change was wrong but you caught your mistake quick and corrected it. Everything else was flawless. Keep up the great work.

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Training server
Runway 16L and 16R

training server
Runway 3l and 3r

KLSV ground and tower

Open @ KLSV
Runways 3L and 3R
All traffic welcome!