Saitek x52 pro not responding (ios setup)

Hello, my Saitek X52 is connected through infinite flight connect, however while assigning the Axes nothing is responding (Throttle, Roll, Yaw, and Pitch). I have installed all drivers from Logitech as well. i read in the setup forum the x52 has been tested and worked. However, this seems to not be the case. Is there anything else I am missing? Also as a reminder, utilizing windows 10, laptop. I have the most recent update of Infinite flight connect. Thanks

Hey, maybe check out the website here if you haven’t already. It tells you what to do if your device is not responding.

Did you go into the contorls and have we clicked on Use networked Joystick?

I’m returning the item. Maybe this Saitek model only is compatible with Android devices now. Or the software within infinite flight connect isn’t Registering the correct sequence when attempting to connect. It’s definitely a software authentication problem. Sort of like a handshake. The only thing I can assign is keyboard buttons for both axes and commands.

Yes, however nothing happens. When I attempt to assign axes, nothing responds. I have tried many things and still no result Also, the configuration is correct through the installation of my computer; however, I am unable to calibrate through the settings. A calibration doesn’t exist. It’s automatically configured through Windowy 10 after connecting with usb.

Have you installed the correct drivers?

Yes. Install drivers>device manager>joystick name (Saitek>driver update>search for updated drives>driver running off recent software.

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@Cameron, sorry for tag. Would you be off any assist to @James_Deaton?

Don’t worry guys. It’s moreover an issue with Saitek vs infinite flight connect. I have another joystick that works fine. I just wanted something a little more nice. I was however looking into getting the Saitek Yoke with the throttle quadrant. I’ve researched the compatibility, however not perceiving any positive forums. I’ve read a few stating it works by using the OTG cable. This unfortunately isn’t available to utilize for iOS devices. Henceforth the reason why I’m drawn to wait until I find absolute knowledge the Saitek yoke system will function with a Infinite flight connect. If any knowledge on the yoke setup, please let me know. I can actually do an even trade with the x52 through Amazon. Thanks for the support. - James.

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I’ve had no issues with the system:

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