Saint Maarten (TNCM)

Hello all!

I just have a question about landing at Saint Maarten if anyone is able to answer this for me

So I’ve just touched down on runway 10 and I’ve passed all the taxiways on my left so I proceed to the end of the runway to the turn pad, once I arrive tower instructs me to contact ground so I switch frequencies and requested taxi to parking and been told to “check User Guide for help using ATC instructions” , so my question is what’s the procedure that I should have used in this case so I don’t make the same mistake again,

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If you need to go to the end of the runway you have to stay on the Tower frequence. The tower is wrong in this case. Because the turn pad isn’t a taxiway. The tower said, contact ground on the taxiway!


Of course it is best to contact the controller themselves however;

Usually the instruction (if that’s what was given) “Exit runway when able, Contact ground on the taxiway” means you should contact ground AFTER you turn, back taxi and exit the runway ONTO THE RAMP. Once you are ON THE RAMP you should request taxi.

So, if that was the instruction given, you should have waited until you were fully out of the runway (the turning pad is still the runway) and on the ramp until you switched frequencies and requested taxi.

If that was NOT the given instructions, contact the controller :)


Awesome thank you for clearing this up, much appreciated :))


No worries. Have a great day!

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