Sailing the Sunset KPDX-KLAX

So these shots were taken on a flight from KPDX (Portland Intl) to KLAX (Los Angeles Intl) where it managed to stay sunset the entire flight by the magic of moving the time slider.

I as always created the flight plan using Simbrief and FPLtoIF, and for this flight flew under the real world callsign ASA1620. The flight was completed on the Expert Server, with a flight time of approx. 2hrs.

Let’s get to the interesting bit. These shots have been edited very sparingly only to boost the exposure slightly.

Rotating out of Portland RWY 28L

Gear Up!

Fast forward to LA, turning right base for RWY 24L

Turning Final for KLAX RWY 24L

A gentle touchdown

Parked at the gate!

I haven’t posted one of these flight reports in a while, hope y’all still enjoy them!

Jim, your friendly neighborhood Kiwi


Very nice photos you have there - keep it up!


Nice pictures as well!

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Beautiful Sunset!

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Beautiful pics! Can tell that was a smooth landing.

I actually think I saw you coming in last night to KLAX doing this flight, I just got in from KJFK and was at the gate when I saw you in the distance, close to the end of the flight. Ended up leaving before you touched down, but cool to see the flight from another angle that isn’t far away from the ground :)