Sailing Aircraft Carriers

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As mentioned ATC will be onboard the carrier and controlling it’s airspace, commercial airliners will be forbidden from landing on the deck.


Definitely would need violations for those who try to land aircraft that shouldn’t b landing on infinite flight

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Only certain aircraft should be able to land if they can land on carriers in real life. For example, the F/A 18 is a carrier aircraft so that can land on the carrier but an F 16 is not a carrier aircraft so it can’t.


I understand that this will be hard for FDS, very hard, but you have my vote; this would be an amazing addition to IF with adding more realism. Even if it doesn’t get noticed in the next couple of years or so, I understand that by that time we’ll be closer to 3D models. Static carriers will not dampen or disappoint anyone. It would be an amazing new feature.


Also you can land on water because of its texture so it would be hard making a boat float in it

MaxSez: Don’t hold your breath for this feature. . Wanna Launch & Trap carrier style, fly the painted CV Decks below:

KNKX ((MCAS Miramar). Runway 24 Left

KNXP (MCAF 29 Palms) Runway 10

Fighter Pilots; (No catapult or arresting gear installed, It takes the right stuff to get a 1 wire trap here). Regards All


For me, the best, most realistic option right now would be to have multiple stationary aircraft carriers around the globe.
Not too close too the coast, but not too far. And enough that it isn’t EXTREMELY hard to find one.
I just feel that having multiple moving aircraft carriers might add unnecessary lag, and it might be kinda hard to code.
We could also have a TFFR (the red circles) around the aircraft carrier to give people in larger aircraft violations if they land there.
Like you said, the aircraft carrier could act like an airport to allow ATC.
Perhaps the aicraft carriers start moving once water gets a rework. For now, I think the best option would be to have them stationary.
Other than that, this looks like a great idea!


I could go with this!

Have them off the cost by 15NM

I love this idea, however there should be quite a few much of these aircraft carriers, since fighter pilots would constantly just find the one nearest to them or something like that. I don’t think IF has an aircraft limit on airports, so there would need to be one installed for those carriers.

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The F/A-18 would need a rework to get a hook for carrier operation, too🛬😎🛫


This is an amazing idea! Although it wouldn’t be anywhere near as fun, if the devs didn’t really want to worry about all the physics and what not, they could just add several non moving boats. Again, I’d much rather the idea above, but if the devs didn’t like this idea, they could test it with non moving boats at first.

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Using my last vote for this one.

good idea, but it will be a disaster if you dont know what youre doing lol

Bump:) This has to be implemented for all the military flyers out there!


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Amazing idea you got there! Really cool concept I’ll look into my votes to see if I can clear one up for you.


YES!!! ^^^

I’m an individual that is long awaiting aircraft carriers in Infinite Flight. What @ServerGhost has in mind is perfect too! Also, the addition of @AndrewRG10’s idea would be awesome! Imagine, flying over the Atlantic ocean, seeing one of those babies. Gosh I cannot not land on one of those…

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This is an amazing feature. One thing though, most aircraft carriers don’t travel from one place to the next and back again. They would travel in a selected area like for example off the coast of Korea or whatever. Still, you’ve got my vote

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This could be a good idea!