Sailing Aircraft Carriers

I saw a topic before, asking for an aircraft carrier however that was created in a time we had regions.

Since we have evolved to global live, I think it’s time we have Aircraft Carriers for those who like flying fighter jets (me).

My idea of how this’ll work;

Multiple Aircraft Carriers will have set routes that travel around the globe, for example a carrier will depart Virginia enroute to south Africa then travel back to Virginia and then back to south Africa etc.

For realism the vessel will allow an ATC onboard to handle takeoff’s and landings.
Aircraft can spawn on the vessel in the parking area and await instructions from atc to be attached to the catapult so they can takeoff!

See this link how landings and takeoffs are handled:

Landing procedures on the carrier

Take off procedures on the carrier

Catapult locations along with elevators.

This is by far one of the best ideas I’ve heard you got my vote :)


I would honestly love seeing aircraft carriers in the ocean.


Would be very hard to program, plus we would need more advanced water, and I personally don’t think its necessary. Would be fun though!


People said that about global - being very hard to program, however the developers have been able to push the envelope.

I would accept a very crude rendering of an aircraft carrier if it means great functionality👍🏻


Even if the aircraft carriers were static this would still be really cool :)


Too much effort to make them move, however it would be amazing to have the aircraft carriers ‘hidden’ (as in a place where they would be, like the Sea of Japan) around the world being stationary, and we gotta find em


This would be a great addition when FDS eventually adds 3D objects!

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Hey there,
Im sure the water itself will get a rework before. Im also not sure if the aircraft carriers would make sense, since they are pretty often cruisin somewhere in the ocean. Once they reach coastal waters, they surely will be insanely crowded.

Not there yet, give it at least 3 years

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It’s an amazing idea but the physics will be really hard to code. I’m sure FDS will be able to do it though. I can’t imagine how many people will be messing around on it. Trying to land KC-10s on it just because it’s a military jet. Maybe it could give you I violation if you fly a commercial airliner or heavy aircraft onto it. I think the C-130 can land on it though!

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I honestly can’t even agree with those who say it’s impossible. FDS managed to incorporate satellite imagery at 60fps. They managed PC style multiplayer on mobile devices. They said aerial refueling was never coming yet pushed it out along with one of the best aircrafts added to date. Aircraft carriers and the ability to spawn, land and takeoff on them would be so amazing. It’s like IF is trying to simulate the entire aviation world on mobile devices.


Good idea however i feel some people would abuse it and try and land a380s on the ship. Good idea though. Would they be ATC also?


Brilliant idea! The ambition of FDS seemingly knows no bounds, so all the technical issues I am sure they will come up with a solution for.
Catching a cable on the carrier deck in order to land sounds like a good challenge!





Voted!! Would be cool to be able to have your jet transported on a carrier overnight!!

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FDS would need to add tail hooks to fighters, more advanced water, and the carriers but it could work and it would be loads of fun. Would give you my vote but I don’t have any left.


Definitely not impossible, but there is a lot to develop. It would be a really fun feature to use though.

This is very neat and something I’ve wanted to see for a long time. Honestly, even a few static carriers would be awesome.

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Agree with you on that

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