SahyaQFFlyer’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Hi guys, today I’m trying to sharpen my ATC skills to become an IFATC.

Server: N/A
Airport: N/A
Status: N/A

Feedback is much appreciated!

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Hi Sahya,

I don’t believe you need to create a new topic as you can use both of your old ones from March.


I tried but I am unable to edit them

Thanks for coming @Oli_H

Oli_H feedback:

  • You didn’t catch me taxiing through grass, going past the holding short point. It’s minor, but you still need to be proactive to spot when pilots do these.

  • You didn’t specify left or right traffic for myself and JFK28 when you cleared us for takeoff

  • You cleared me for the option way too late – you should’ve done so when I was on downwind

  • You didn’t sequence JFK28

  • You cleared me to land – should’ve cleared me for the option

  • JFK28 didn’t need to go around the first time

  • It was also unnecessary to tell him to make a left 360

  • QF2465 needed a pattern entry and sequence, neither of which were given. You also cleared him for the option instead of clearing him to land

  • Dynasty 771 was cruising, didn’t need to on guard him

  • N91DS didn’t request takeoff, if he did should’ve cleared him for immediate takeoff instead of telling him to line up and wait, as JFK28 was on final.

  • You sent N91DS an on guard message when he was already on your frequency?

  • You sent a duplicate message when I reported my position for full stop

  • You told me to make left traffic for me on go around, I was already in a right pattern

  • QF2465 didn’t need to go around. He was on a 10nm final for 27

  • I needed a pattern entry for the runway change

  • You never cleared me to land for the last final

  • You didn’t give an exit runway command to JFK28

  • Didn’t need to send a traffic alert for QF2465, we had 6nm of separation

  • You never gave N1DS his frequency change, should’ve been done directly after departure. At best you could’ve told him to stay on your frequency.

  • When you did sequence QF2465, it was wrong. He was number one for 34, there was no traffic landing on 34 in front of him

Please give the ATC Manual a good read, you will benefit a lot from it. I also recommend watching the ATC tutorials on the Infinite Flight YouTube. Remember, we’re always improving as controllers. Good luck in the future and with your aspirations to join IFATC.
Thanks, Oli

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Open at UHWW!

Ok I’m closing now due to no attendance

Hi Sahya,

I would recommend waiting a bit longer than 5 minutes for people to join, maybe share it around with your friends so they can get it going.

Good luck!


Hi guys I am open at UNKL on training server

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I’ll try to come. Depending on if my internet gets back up

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Alright then

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Hey, I was QANTAS 257 that was at UNKL a couple minutes a go. I’m not a IFATC yet but here are some tips.

  • I requested pushback and you gave me runway 11, I was taxing to that runway and I asked for takeoff and you said check assigned runway. Which you assigned me runway 11
  • also when I requested takeoff remaining in the pattern. You probably could have given me make Right/Left Traffic instead of just cleared for takeoff
  • also if you are using I’ll call your base, the correct term is Turn base instead of enter Left Base.
    -also I requested touch and go. The better phrase would have been clear for the option instead of cleared to land.

Also another suggestion is move to an airport that has a taxiway at both ends. But your choice. Good luck in becoming an IFATC

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I assigned you RW29.

Oh sorry. You gave me 29. But then I asked for takeoff for runway 29 and you said check assigned runway

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oh you said takeoff at RW11 so thats why I said check assigned rw

Because you said check assigned runway after I requested takeoff for runway 29. Also runway 11 was probably the better runway to use. I would have been taking of with the wind if I was to use 29.

Aha I see then, thanks for the feedback

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I’ll come back again. I’m busy now. I will try to get a couple of my mates to join me

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Ok all good cya mate!!

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How long will you be open? I’m flying right now, but if you stay open for another 20-30 minutes I could come down.

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